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What you get

In order to thank you for your donation, you get unique rewards for you to keep forever by creating an account for free. This is what Official Supporter Membership brings to you:

backgrounds, colors, picture styles and decorations for your account
Stamp and icon
cute fox who tells everyone
that you are amazing
+2500 Points Resource item
the main currency on this website
Arcade 'Premium Chest'
a daily source of extra rewards
'Gratitude Box' item
open it to get valuable resources

All your previously unlocked content remains!

What you support

  • All my artworks, products and the creation of future ones.
  • The active development of this ad-free website and its features.

By donating, you are supporting me as a self-taught content creator, feeding facilities for me to keep creating art, interactive content and products. You're also supporting the active development of this website, the main point of interest of my entire online content.

Donate once - forever

Your user account keeps your membership and all its content safe into this website after your donation gets completed. No monthly payments, no silly microtransactions.

First things first - you need to login or create
an account to keep your rewards safe!

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