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Story and Art by heavenly-roads
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New Life
Frederick Rowstone "Fred", from Seattle, comes to a new city. Now he has got enough money for a new life in another city. All money from his resolved cases as a detective; bank thieves, murderers, secret treasures of criminal gangs...
Fred now have a lot of money, but he hasn't got a couple. Because of the dangerousness of his work. As a detective, he has never stayed on a same house much time. But now he is thinking about stop working as a detective and create a family.
His blue car is a bit old, but it can rise all hills of the country. The man is driving to his new home, with the help of a big map that cover a bit the car's window. Fred arrives to the new neighborhood.

The street has chalets of different colors with a green gardens around each plot and surrounded with the same white fence. The road on the middle have a lot of lampposts in each side and the people here seems to be happy; kids playing on the gardens, a family sunbathing looking the sky and an athletic old man jogging down the street.

- Ooh is nice! To be called as Raven Street is a sunny and amazing place to live! Okay... Now what is the house..? Let's see... Number two... four... six! Here it is!

The detective parks the car and goes out.

- Is a cool house and light blue as my car! In a few days I will have it clean ready for the party! Haha!

The man does not care about the baggage, he runs excited to the door and open it with the keys. Inside the house is dark, with floating dust in the air. He doesn't mind, although he sneezes two times and he is near to hit his head with the door. Fred walk on the hallway, at the left the kitchen and stairs to the second floor and at the right another hallway to the living room and a bedroom. Fred draws all the old curtains and he see marks of nails around windows covered by paint.

- Well, It seems that someone covered the windows with wooden boards years ago...

At night, the man have the bedroom of the first floor cleaned for sleep without dust and dirt. After all he did not think the house was going to be so dirty, but he is a man who enjoy cleaning. He will have a great day tomorrow with all the rooms of the house.
Somebody knocks the house's door...

- Hellooo...? Someone inside?

Fred gets up dizzy and walks on the hallway to the principal door. Suddenly he opens it. The man sees a young blonde thin girl with blue eyes. She wears a black shirt and shorts. Immediately the girl starts to speak very fast.

- Hi! I'm your neighbor from the house number seven! You're new here? Welcome! My name is Mary, but you can call me "M"! You have a nice car!

Fred is still waking up, he looks at her with eyes half open.

- Wow... Hi, hello... Sorry I was sleep...
- Oh! I'm sorry! I bother you?
- No, no! It's okay. Thank you for your welcome, I'm Frederic, but my friends call me Fred, come in if you want... sorry for the disorder.
- Oh, It's okay, is normal if you're moving to this home.

They go to the living room and sits on two chairs.

- Sorry, I have to buy a sofa.
- Don't worries, these chairs are comfortable! So... you're the new!
- Yeah... I'm a detective, but I was thinking on stop of work on this and go away and have a family... So here I am!
- Oh... Cool! About me... I am an artist, I make fursuits.
- Fursuits? What is exactly that?
- They are suits about anthropomorphic animals, usually for Furry conventions.
- Oooh... Yeah! I heard that! I have a friend on New York who is into this!
- Nice!

Suddenly the girl looks Fred without saying anything. An uncomfortable silence surrounds the room like as the dust there.

- Mary...?
- Oh sorry, I think you're brave.
- Brave? Why? Because I'm detective?
- Not only for that... You're living here... after all that happened... You haven't fear?
- Fear? After all that happended? What?
- The house's seller did not tell you? What a motherfucker! He wanted to sell the house as soon as possible and as you're not from here you do not know the story!
- Okay... relax... Explain this to me... please.
- Ok... Since ten years ago, on the year 2001, on this house happened something strange... The husband, his wife and other neighbor were murdered. No murder weapon, no murderer found and no clues. No one knows more about this. But since that day this street is full of mistery stories and creepypastas arround this city...
And this house... Is the house where all has occurred. Some people still have fear but all happened twelve years ago! I was only 12, but I'm never had fear by that story.

Fred looks Mary curiously and amazed. He asks.

- So... the houses' seller is...?
- The Larry's son, Larry is the murdered husband.
- Wow, he never told me this story... but well! After ten years this house needs a new man to live here!
- Ha, ha! You're awesome! Okay then, see you later, I have to go home. By the way, good morning!
- Good morning! See you soon, bye!

The girl leaves the house and Fred is already fully awake with what happened. He now meet a great neighbor and knows a mystery old story about his new house.

- This starts well! Okay... I have to breakfast, but first I will buy a coffee maker and some cereals!

One hour later
Fred finishes the breakfast and go to the shower, the water is warm and crystalline. Closes his eyes and think about the story that Mary told to him. He thought about being here ten years earlier to have done all possible to solve the case, but now is very late for that. He goes out of shower and sees something on the top of the bathroom closet, there was a lot of dust but there is two objects. He takes and cleans them. It seems that the objects are two pieces of an old xylophone.

Few minutes later Fred puts the two pieces on the kitchen table and he looks at them. "oh, it seems was a old xylophone of a kid... surely belongs to the house seller when him was young... I want to return them to him, but after signing the papers and buying the house I do not know anything about where is him..." He thinks.

A few hours later Fred tries turn on the new TV that he bought, the sound can heard well but the image have connection problems. Fred goes up to the roof to repair the TV antenna. On the roof the man sees around the neighborhood; The city center at right with big skyscrapers, parks with a lot of kids playing, more near sees Raven Street from above and then sees in one plot without house something strange, something on the grass behind some plants a square object like a box or an entrance. It is too far away to be seen well, Fred will see what is that object after repair the TV. He have to turn on the TV on the roof, because he can hear it well, but on the first floor he can't see the image. He has plugged the TV on the second floor and luckily the wires are sufficient longs to reach the roof. A show; If a neighbor sees him on the roof watching TV, the neighbor would think he is crazy. At least he fixes the image connection. He puts the TV on the living room and gets ready to leave home to see that strange object closely on that garden. Suddenly the phone rings, Fred is surprised - nobody knows that phone number except maybe some old neighbor or Larry's son, the house seller. Larry picks up the phone and heard a voice from an old man with a robotic voice - maybe that sound effect it's a problem of the phone.

- Hello?
- I heard you're living now on the house...
- Yeah... Who are you?
- You'll never... believe me...
- Please, who are you?
- You have to leave that house... They... are listening...
- Please tell me your name, you're not the seller.
- No... I'm not... I'm his father...
- What? No... he is dead - Somebody told me that story, if this is a joke please stop.
- This is not a joke... please...

Suddenly behind the phone is hearing a loud noise, like a door bang. Other man with different robotic voice can be listened. He is shouting.

- Here is he! Come on, catch this bastard!

Then he hears hits and many voices on the other side. The call is over. Fred now is standing in front of the phone, thinking about if that was a joke or real. He need to go out home and walk, unfortunately he have not recorded the call.

Fred walks down the street, a sunny afternoon, some people sees him as the new neighbour, some others sees him as a Larry's reincarnation. Meanwhile in his mind many questions are created; "Okay... relax, I've received a call from a dead man... It seems to was a joke... but the sounds, the other man... On my time as detective I've heard a lot false calls, but this... Okay, a dead man can't be alive and if there is a ghost... I not did anything bad... I'm okay and everything is okay."

Later that night
Fred sees out the window; The lampposts' light reveals a mysterious atmosphere around Raven Street and the fog on the street seems a scene from a Tim Burton film. Nobody out the street, no sounds and no cars around the road. The fog covers the end of the road and it seems to be a dead end. Suddenly the light is off. Fred get off the chair and stands, he hasn't got a lantern. "Great, no light now and there is no storm!" The man looks out the window again, he can't see anything, it seems that entire world have no light, and the stars are cover by the fog. Soon he sees small lights in the houses like lanterns and candles and he tries to leave the house in the dark. After stumbling over some boxes and hitting his head with some stuff, he arrives to the outside.
He looks to the left, Mary is outside and focus a flashlight to Fred's body.

- Oh! Hi Fred!
- Hello Mary! There is not light!
- Yeah! It sometimes happens...
- And why?
- I have no idea... Nobody knows... The light just turn off on this street during few minutes and then turn on again.
- This only happens on this street?
- Yeah...

The light turns on all over the street. The houses have light again but the dark and foggy atmosphere is still here.

Fred says goodbye to Mary and come inside the house. He goes to the kitchen and writes a note to remember buy a flashlight for the next electrical blackout. He turns back to the table and he sees it empty, he remember leaving the xylophone pieces found in the bathroom on this table.

"Okay - the house seller's father, Larry was dead in to an old murder, this dead man was calling me today, this street have random electrical blackouts and on this house the things are dissapearing. Too much for now... I have to sleep."
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