Powerful tools, increasing features, challenging minigames, trophies, rewards, extra content and secret puzzles into a multi-application game app where updates don't stop.

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LOCKED CORE minigame SPACE UFO secret minigame

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More content is under development.
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under development
EVENTS network

During events you can get access to extra content and minigames.

P.C.E. DLC tool

Portal Code Engine allows you to create portal codes on compatible games to play extra content inside them.
PORTAL CODE Its structure is a bunch of bugs designed to take you into unreachable places, until now.

community updates log

Use GameJolt Client to keep Heavenlock up to date.

0.2.2 (Beta)


GameJolt trophies are here!
Complete challenges and get trophies to level up your account. Requires internet connection to be available.

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GAMEJOLT The largest community for indie games and people who love to make and play them. Compatible with 'Heavenlock' to bring you unique trophies. Don't have an account? Don't wait and join!


released (beta)
Varied purposes and uses.
Different ways to get them. Items are available on offline mode.
COINS Coins are common items. Collect as many you can, maybe they can be useful for varied purposes. You can get these on some minigames, time bonus and rewards.

MAGNAS Magnacittas or Magnas are rare items. Unknown use. You can get these by completing challenges.


released (beta)
Successfully connection Not connected
This feature gives you extra rewards and content. Requires internet connection to be available.
POWERUPS Available power-ups will appear on Main Menu.
DAILY REWARD It gives you a random daily reward once a day.
  • 30 Coins with high probability
  • 50 Coins with low probability
  • 20 Coins and 1 Magna with very low probability

COINS BOOST You can access this once a month and you need 4 Coins at least.
  • Adds +25% Coins you have