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fear is just the beginning

"Dusty and untidy places, dark atmosphere, failures on maintenance services systems and some beings trying to catch you"

"Solve puzzles or survive in a zone while you must pay attention to every sound and strange movement"

"There are many places where you can get a great unexpected scare"



Year 1992

Lossmond University is an old art university actually closed.
The university is closed since 1985 due strange activity, sounds under floors and disappeared material inside. The only section that works nowadays is the auditorium and backstage - for shows by people in the city.

You're Mathew, a maintenance concierge, who must enter at night to the building due a light failure and repair it. What he dosen't know is he will discover the beings who makes that strange sounds and who've stolen the material. He will had a great time moving in dusty and dirty sites, sometimes with a flashlight or into a total darkness with different beings that will try to catch him.

Their souls are trapped like forgotten objects.
Their laughs are hopeless cries.


Music by

Jan Dolanský

Voice Acting


Jairo de Ara


María Isabel Ortega

Created and Designed by

Jairo de Ara

Beta Testers

Isaac Alarcon [BitCoder]

Miguel Ángel [DiasNocturnS]

Carlos Domingo

Daniel Gutiérrez

María Isabel Ortega

Alejandro Ortega [azabache99]

Special Thanks

Guillermo Castrejón

Carlos Domingo

© heavenly-roads