Website 5.5
Accounts 1.2

'Structuralize' update

The website had a huge content growth during these last months, but it some structural improvements are needed. It's time to introduce you to 5.5 update!


The 'explore' page (or main page) has been updated by removing 'about' and 'gallery' areas in order to keep a cleaner navigation and to avoid information overload. These are some important structure changes to distribute my content in two parts:
  • Portfolio - A new page accessible also as subdomain. Its purpose is to introduce me and the content I create.
  • Main website - The main site dedicated to the rest of content and interactive features. The place you all know.


A social media-alike page with all needs and features to discover my content on the quickest way. Fully responsive on any device: from phones, tablets to desktop. The page contains an introduction, social accounts, contact, projects, roles, links and an improved gallery which will stay updated by including latest artwork releases. All of this into a compact area easy to navigate through. Portfolio is also the first place where some of my artworks will be released and offers remastered high quality versions never seen before on some of my previous works.
  • New display system

    The new gallery increases its load speed up to 230% compared to old one. The HD color-reducted images have been updated into full-color up to 4K resolution. The display system has been fixed to adapt any screen size as well.
Enter to my portfolio using your phone to scan this:

Sounds update

More sounds has been added at download page. I've made these from scratch for my projects and they're available for you to use freely, no credit required. The interface is improved for a better navigation as well.
This is all for now. Thank you for the support, comment any suggestion and see you soon!