'Cookies Madness' event

Bakery is open

Everyone is welcome to the bakery - a place where delicious products are created! You can enter during Mondays and Tuesdays to cook some cookies and get event rewards. Cooking takes time, take it easy! There's unlimited time to get the rewards, your progress will not be reset. This is my own version of well known "cookie clicker" games, you must click the cookie and send them to the oven monster in packs of 60+. You'll be able to bake them and send a cooked batch once the oven is full.

This weekly event will experience additions in the future, such as new modes, more content and rewards. Your progress is fully compatible with these updates.

New card customizations

Most voted card background from last poll is now available and an epic decoration of 'oven monster' is waiting for you to unlock. He doesn't eat user cards thankfully, but brings them a cute look.

Other improvements

  • Several changes has been made on modules and interfaces in order to improve navigation and optimization.
  • Top menu has been updated: Event buttons will be shown if available. A drop-down menu at mouse-over account window button has been added, including quick access buttons.
  • A new secret feature is already added: it is working on internal-only mode for now, waiting to be announced after development gets completed during the next months.

This is all for now, it's so great to see how the website evolved. More content is in works and will come soon for you all. Feel free to send me any suggestion, your reports and ideas are very welcome. Thank you for the support, see you around!