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'Arcade' update

Hey you! I'm new around here. An arcade machine who can offer you a lot of fun, but also a powerful boss! I'm in charge to introduce you these new features today... Hahaha, welcome all to the arcade update!

"The coins counter will blow up!"

-Arcade Boss Machine Main goal? Get coins by playing my games! Coins are your score points now. Reach top three places on scoreboard and get awesome prizes at the end of the week. I reset your coins weekly, so don't worry if you don't reach top places at first. The next week you can give a try!

"I give it all away!"

Points, stamps and themes are available as rewards! Not enough? Okay... a daily chest is waiting for opening and new easter eggs has been added!

A free coins pack is available!

Tobby released a free coins pack at the store o celebrate the arcade update! You can get this only once, remember that your coins counter resets each week, so get this pack when you really need it! Unlimited availability time.
I think this is all for today! See you around, haha!