Arcade success - review and upcoming updates

'Arcade' update got the highest activity peak the website has ever experience. This release got a bunch of interest from people around beyond my expectations, which I'm very grateful for everyone who've been active during the first days!

It's amazing to see a group of people enjoying the games and having fun, it really helps my creative mood to continue actively working on related content.

First days stats

  • 72% overall active users collected Coins by playing games and opening chests, high rate activity!
  • Weekly winner was @Matteo_Games with the amount of 17.397 Coins, a truly insane count and top player!
  • @ddemkoo owns the current highscore board on 3 of 4 games and 1.500 Coins on 'subworld' game, really impressive and well played!
  • Weekly global counter reached 56.173 Coins!
  • The total amount of played times is 172 and 57.568 Ghost Coins have been converted.

A new item has been found

This past Sunday a new item has been added, you can get it in a low chance rate after defeating 'H-bot' on 'Subworld' game. You can carry up to 8.

Upcoming updates

  • v5.5 update will be focused on main website, not accounts. It comes with something that many ones asked for, very useful features, navigation and content fixes. You will get news about this update very soon, stay tuned!
  • 'Workshop' update is the upcoming features set for user accounts. A place for crafts will be available to allow users to manipulate, create and convert items into another. Arcade stats, balance changes, new customizations and rewards will come as well. I want to work on more content for you to get access during this update, so there are some months left before any announcement comes out.

A new week started at Arcade - it's your chance to reach top places and get unique rewards! This is all for now, thank you for the support and take care, see you soon ;)