Website 5.2
Accounts 1.0

6th anniversary

It's been 6 years since I created the first heavenly-roads account to upload my art on internet. During these years I learned so many things, I got a lot inspiration from artists and content creators around world, I made things I never thought I can do and I had an amazing journey enjoying each second. But it's not over! That's why I've made a lot of changes, updates and awesome stuff for you to celebrate these 6 years!

Updated website

Let's give a look to the changes and improvements on 5.2 website update! Now you can get access into resources page by using the top menu button, the navigation on main pages has been updated with tabs system at top left corner: Also news section is now added on explore page to check important notices, projects status and events that may interest you: Graphic resources section is now updated showing premium resources. I always try to bring you the best resources I can make, that's why some free packs were removed due low quality.


  • "Explore menu" updated
  • "About" area updated
  • "Gallery" improved images quality
  • "Projects" area updated
  • "Shop" area updated
  • Support page updated
  • Characters page updated
  • Improved navigation
  • New text labes
  • Updated UI design
  • +12% faster load on main pages


"Shop" is gone and has been remade as "Store"! Merchandise is completely revamped and design has been upgraded by including products categories - an easy way to view them all:
Thank you all for the support in every project and event I make, your feedback is really helpful to make me improve and bring you what you want to get. See you soon, take care and thank you for being here :)