Website 5.3
Accounts 1.1

5.3 website update

Improved interfaces, advanced security, several optimizations, upgrated analytics, user profiles, new stamps, 1.1 accounts and more content... Welcome to 5.3 - an update focused on technical features!


    News section has been updated to include old news list:


    The gallery interface is updated including Endless Inside sequel characters:


    These features are internally working implemented and you don't need to do anything - just explore as always you did!

  • SECURITY does not use cookies or ads. But beyond this, internet is still fragile - that's why I navigate through trustworthy websites and use some tools to keep me safe... and I want the same for my website and visitors! 5.3 comes with extra security services: including advanced anti-hacking systems, potential hazard detectors, network analytics and firewall.

    These feature is already improved to stay up to date with last Google service versions. Quick remember: this data compilation is completely anonymous but it is useful for me to check the visitors interaction flow.

    Some changes were made on files, critical load times were fixed and some services are already working to speed up the website load up to 40%. The website size has been compressed about 35% also.
  • 1.1 ACCOUNTS

    Accounts feature received an update! Interfaces were improved, navigation is more easy now, items were balanced and several stamps are available! Custom account themes have been added. Some more changes where made, for more info please check "updates log" on your profile window or at the public "activity calendar". Stamps design were remake, here you can see old vs new ones:
  • You can visit each user profile from now on! Just click on their icon or user box and the profile window will open. You can see their stamps, bio and more content and interaction features will come in the future inside this window: This is the information about you that is shown on your profile: Username, Profile picture, Name (if you have one), Bio (if you have one), Role, Stamps. The information about you that will NEVER be shown: Email, Items and any other personal data such as passwords, dates, ratings, etc. The users are displayed also on a new list design:

  • Redistributed "projects" URLs
  • Explore page updated
  • Characters page updated
  • Updated interface
  • Improved security
  • Improved analytics
  • Several optimizations
  • Several fixes
  • Updated policy