Website 5.4
Accounts 1.2

1.2 accounts update

My website reached a huge and a very important development status with this update, something I didn't think would happen. Years ago this was just a dream, but we live to make our dreams come true, right? So here it is!

Arcade feature

The main feature of this update, check out the announcement post about it!

New inventory

Users owns a new items system on their account window, where you can check all items you have and use the consumable ones. Items are divided now into different categories:
  • Collectible items: common items that can be stored as many times as you get them.
  • Unit items: unique items you can get once.
  • Special items: gives you extra information or feature usages.
  • Event items: you can get these items during an event only. Events are an upcoming feature under development.
  • Consumable items: chests, boxes and other kind of crates for you to open. They contain collectible items inside.


Friends list is an easy way to visit your favourite profiles. The users you add or remove as friends will not be notified and your friends list is private. Features for 'friendships' are planned to be added in the future.


User profiles contains the arcade score of the weekly participants. Including the friend button for add or remove.

Bye bye, Teamworks

Teamworks is a feature that I've created years ago with the purpose to have a private work group. But we didn't do much during this time. With the purpose to keep only useful features on my content, I've decided to remove this entire feature from my website.

Supporter Membership

'Cute fox' feature has been updated also. The design has been changed, the price is increased from $2 to $3 but the rewards are also incremented by a lot!
  • Points reward after your donation has been increased from 1000 to 2500.
  • You can open a Premium chest at the Arcade every day with this membership
  • Get also a Gratitude Box. Open it to get a reward!
  • Unlock customizations: themes, picture styles and colors.
  • Get a cool icon and a stamp, for your profile to stand out.

More changes

  • Inbox has been updated and improved.
  • Navigation has been improved by adding tabs system, better windows transitions and updated website header.
  • Many other changes, fixes, improvements and optimizations has been made.

What's next

I will take a look to users activity during the next days, making system balances and checking your feedback. The next development plans are to add an events system, workshop feature and more content.

Feedback it's very appreciated and I'll be very grateful to you for staying active if you enjoy the content. My entire website was created from scratch and this development state is a big realized goal for me. I thank each one of you who reads these posts and checks my content out.

Take care, see you around!