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Hello! My name is Jairo, I do varied art and interactive content. From 2D/3D design, animations to websites and videogames. My goal is to offer quality works and new experiences for people around. Feel free to visit the main website to discover everything about my creations.

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Beyond Galactic Pastures

Delusion Brothers

Lifetime Kernel

Arcade - H-bot

Owyl Woods

Imagination Seeds

Lonely Sunset


Dream Big

Wild Curiosity

The Beauty Barren

Deconstructive Paranoid

Steelshell (back)

Steelshell (front)

Owyl Woods - Rocket

Fur Ball

The Connection Between Us

Harvester Pillars



Wizards Caves

Venus - Cosmic Furnace

Mars - World of Wonders

Earth - Our Story

Candy Turmoil


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