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heavenly-roads policy

Copyright Policy

1 Content use

Some of the content are restricted only for internal use. Contact to me and tell me about what is the specific content that you are interested to use and the purpose of the use.
It is totally forbidden to manipulate, edit, change the title of the content and delete the original watermark. You must always give the credit of the content which must contain at least a link to this website. heavenly-roads can ask you to remove heavenly-roads own content anytime with or without any reason.

1.2 Content on music videos

You can use any heavenly-roads content image that is not a heavenly-roads brand if you're sharing a video with music content that is not heavenly-roads own content. The video mustn't represent heavenly-roads own content as yours directly.
You must give the credit of the artwork which must contain at least a link to this website.

1.3 Content on public exhibitions

You can exhibit my content if due this activity there are not any monetizing, selling and earnings income in any way or method. You must give credit to me. You, the exhibition or third companies mustn't represent my work as own property.

2 Resources

The packs of download content page are free to use and manipulate. The credit is not required. You can also use the resources for commercial projects, but you are not authorised to sell them or share as yours directly.

3 Free Wallpapers

The wallpapers on download content page are free to use as a wallpaper on your devices. You can't use for personal or commercial projects. You're not authorized to sell, share or exhibit as yours. Edits or modifications are not allowed.

4 Brand

You can't use heavenly-roads' image, brand, name, logo or other property that is direct identification to heavenly-roads. If you're sponsoring heavenly-roads you will need a written official authorization to use the brand. The name heavenly-roads was created on August 28 of 2014 with the purpose to represent an individual. heavenly-roads does not represent any company and there isn't any money income purpose with the name or logo itself. heavenly-roads is not any trademark, logo and name are used only as a direct representation to the artist itself.

5 Characters

You can't use any heavenly-roads' character as your own original content on any way.

*For fanarts: You can't change the name of the character. Credit is required: you can add a link to this website or just add "© OC by heavenly-roads" on the fanart description. You can't sell any fanart of heavenly-roads' characters without my written permission.

6 Art Prints and posters designs

The content shown on art prints, canvas or posters designs are exclusive of heavenly-roads. This content is not available for resells, commercial projects or another use that may can produce money income. Edits or modifications are not allowed. heavenly-roads can change anytime the prices of any art print, canvas or poster design.

7 Social Media

You can use all my stickers, gifs and social media content for free without credit required. You're not allowed to sell this content on any way or distribute as your own original content.

Terms of Service

1 External sites and third parties

This website contains links to third parties and external sites, those links does not mean that heavenly-roads have any connection or association between them. heavenly-roads has no right to protect or defend you on external sites, third parties or other entity that heavenly-roads have no control. To be safe, I recommend you to read carefully Terms of services by others, have strong passwords on your accounts and only trust on official entites and contacts. heavenly-roads is not responsible of your conduct, activity, content or services on third parties that you may can perform with heavenly-roads own content. If you infringe any heavenly-roads policy all responsibility will discharge on you.


1 Website

This website does not contain ads and own cookies, there is no any money income purpose and the info collected will be used for activity statistics administration. This website uses Google analytics to collect information. This web collects information, including sessions time, transactions, country, language, device type and operating system. heavenly-roads can't guarantee the absolute security of any information.

2 Accounts

The official heavenly-roads accounts are shown on explore page . Please, only trust on those accounts, if you want to contact direct to me and not by other sites please write to me on contact page .

heavenly-roads can change those policies anytime.
Updates are shown on heavenly-roads' activity calendar on explore page .