Chapter One - New Life


Frederick Rowstone "Fred", from Seattle, comes to a new city. Now he has got enough money for a new life in another city. All money from his resolved cases as a detective; bank thieves, murderers, secret treasures of criminal gangs...
Fred now have a lot of money, but he hasn't got a couple. Because of the dangerousness of his work. As a detective, he has never stayed on a same house much time. But now he is thinking about stop working as a detective and create a family.
His blue car is a bit old, but it can rise all hills of the country. The man is driving to his new home, with the help of a big map that cover a bit the car's window. Fred arrives to the new neighborhood.

The street has chalets of different colors with a green gardens around each plot and surrounded with the same white fence. The road on the middle have a lot of lampposts in each side and the people here seems to be happy; kids playing on the gardens, a family sunbathing looking the sky and an athletic old man jogging down the street.

- Ooh is nice! To be called as Raven Street is a sunny and amazing place to live! Okay... Now what is the house..? Let's see... Number two... four... six! Here it is!

The detective parks the car and goes out.

- Is a cool house and light blue as my car! In a few days I will have it clean ready for the party! Haha!

The man does not care about the baggage, he runs excited to the door and open it with the keys. Inside the house is dark, with floating dust in the air. He doesn't mind, although he sneezes two times and he is near to hit his head with the door. Fred walk on the hallway, at the left the kitchen and stairs to the second floor and at the right another hallway to the living room and a bedroom. Fred draws all the old curtains and he see marks of nails around windows covered by paint.

- Well, It seems that someone covered the windows with wooden boards years ago...

At night, the man have the bedroom of the first floor cleaned for sleep without dust and dirt. After all he did not think the house was going to be so dirty, but he is a man who enjoy cleaning. He will have a great day tomorrow with all the rooms of the house.


Somebody knocks the house's door...

- Hellooo...? Someone inside?

Fred gets up dizzy and walks on the hallway to the principal door. Suddenly he opens it. The man sees a young blonde thin girl with blue eyes. She wears a black shirt and shorts. Immediately the girl starts to speak very fast.

- Hi! I'm your neighbor from the house number seven! You're new here? Welcome! My name is Mary, but you can call me "M"! You have a nice car!

Fred is still waking up, he looks at her with eyes half open.

- Wow... Hi, hello... Sorry I was sleep...
- Oh! I'm sorry! I bother you?
- No, no! It's okay. Thank you for your welcome, I'm Frederic, but my friends call me Fred, come in if you want... sorry for the disorder.
- Oh, It's okay, is normal if you're moving to this home.

They go to the living room and sits on two chairs.

- Sorry, I have to buy a sofa.
- Don't worries, these chairs are comfortable! So... you're the new!
- Yeah... I'm a detective, but I was thinking on stop of work on this and go away and have a family... So here I am!
- Oh... Cool! About me... I am an artist, I make fursuits.
- Fursuits? What is exactly that?
- They are suits about anthropomorphic animals, usually for Furry conventions.
- Oooh... Yeah! I heard that! I have a friend on New York who is into this!
- Nice!

Suddenly the girl looks Fred without saying anything. An uncomfortable silence surrounds the room like as the dust there.

- Mary...?
- Oh sorry, I think you're brave.
- Brave? Why? Because I'm detective?
- Not only for that... You're living here... after all that happened... You haven't fear?
- Fear? After all that happended? What?
- The house's seller did not tell you? What a motherfucker! He wanted to sell the house as soon as possible and as you're not from here you do not know the story!
- Okay... relax... Explain this to me... please.
- Ok... Since ten years ago, on the year 2001, on this house happened something strange... The husband, his wife and other neighbor were murdered. No murder weapon, no murderer found and no clues. No one knows more about this. But since that day this street is full of mistery stories and creepypastas arround this city...
And this house... Is the house where all has occurred. Some people still have fear but all happened twelve years ago! I was only 12, but I'm never had fear by that story.

Fred looks Mary curiously and amazed. He asks.

- So... the houses' seller is...?
- The Larry's son, Larry is the murdered husband.
- Wow, he never told me this story... but well! After ten years this house needs a new man to live here!
- Ha, ha! You're awesome! Okay then, see you later, I have to go home. By the way, good morning!
- Good morning! See you soon, bye!

The girl leaves the house and Fred is already fully awake with what happened. He now meet a great neighbor and knows a mystery old story about his new house.

- This starts well! Okay... I have to breakfast, but first I will buy a coffee maker and some cereals!

One hour later

Fred finishes the breakfast and go to the shower, the water is warm and crystalline. Closes his eyes and think about the story that Mary told to him. He thought about being here ten years earlier to have done all possible to solve the case, but now is very late for that. He goes out of shower and sees something on the top of the bathroom closet, there was a lot of dust but there is two objects. He takes and cleans them. It seems that the objects are two pieces of an old xylophone.

Few minutes later Fred puts the two pieces on the kitchen table and he looks at them. "oh, it seems was a old xylophone of a kid... surely belongs to the house seller when him was young... I want to return them to him, but after signing the papers and buying the house I do not know anything about where is him..." He thinks.

A few hours later Fred tries turn on the new TV that he bought, the sound can heard well but the image have connection problems. Fred goes up to the roof to repair the TV antenna. On the roof the man sees around the neighborhood; The city center at right with big skyscrapers, parks with a lot of kids playing, more near sees Raven Street from above and then sees in one plot without house something strange, something on the grass behind some plants a square object like a box or an entrance. It is too far away to be seen well, Fred will see what is that object after repair the TV. He have to turn on the TV on the roof, because he can hear it well, but on the first floor he can't see the image. He has plugged the TV on the second floor and luckily the wires are sufficient longs to reach the roof. A show; If a neighbor sees him on the roof watching TV, the neighbor would think he is crazy. At least he fixes the image connection. He puts the TV on the living room and gets ready to leave home to see that strange object closely on that garden. Suddenly the phone rings, Fred is surprised - nobody knows that phone number except maybe some old neighbor or Larry's son, the house seller. Larry picks up the phone and heard a voice from an old man with a robotic voice - maybe that sound effect it's a problem of the phone.

- Hello?
- I heard you're living now on the house...
- Yeah... Who are you?
- You'll never... believe me...
- Please, who are you?
- You have to leave that house... They... are listening...
- Please tell me your name, you're not the seller.
- No... I'm not... I'm his father...
- What? No... he is dead - Somebody told me that story, if this is a joke please stop.
- This is not a joke... please...

Suddenly behind the phone is hearing a loud noise, like a door bang. Other man with different robotic voice can be listened. He is shouting.

- Here is he! Come on, catch this bastard!

Then he hears hits and many voices on the other side. The call is over. Fred now is standing in front of the phone, thinking about if that was a joke or real. He need to go out home and walk, unfortunately he have not recorded the call.

Fred walks down the street, a sunny afternoon, some people sees him as the new neighbour, some others sees him as a Larry's reincarnation. Meanwhile in his mind many questions are created; "Okay... relax, I've received a call from a dead man... It seems to was a joke... but the sounds, the other man... On my time as detective I've heard a lot false calls, but this... Okay, a dead man can't be alive and if there is a ghost... I not did anything bad... I'm okay and everything is okay."

At night

Fred sees out the window; The lampposts' light reveals a mysterious atmosphere around Raven Street and the fog on the street seems a scene from a Tim Burton film. Nobody out the street, no sounds and no cars around the road. The fog covers the end of the road and it seems to be a dead end. Suddenly the light is off. Fred get off the chair and stands, he hasn't got a lantern. "Great, no light now and there is no storm!" The man looks out the window again, he can't see anything, it seems that entire world have no light, and the stars are cover by the fog. Soon he sees small lights in the houses like lanterns and candles and he tries to leave the house in the dark. After stumbling over some boxes and hitting his head with some stuff, he arrives to the outside.
He looks to the left, Mary is outside and focus a flashlight to Fred's body.

- Oh! Hi Fred!
- Hello Mary! There is not light!
- Yeah! It sometimes happens...
- And why?
- I have no idea... Nobody knows... The light just turn off on this street during few minutes and then turn on again.
- This only happens on this street?
- Yeah...

The light turns on all over the street. The houses have light again but the dark and foggy atmosphere is still here.

Fred says goodbye to Mary and come inside the house. He goes to the kitchen and writes a note to remember buy a flashlight for the next electrical blackout. He turns back to the table and he sees it empty, he remember leaving the xylophone pieces found in the bathroom on this table.

"Okay - the house seller's father, Larry was dead in to an old murder, this dead man was calling me today, this street have random electrical blackouts and on this house the things are dissapearing. Too much for now... I have to sleep."

Chapter Two - Broken Friendship


Fred gets up, behind his bed is a window to the back garden. Is a cloudy day.
Few minutes later he is already in the kitchen drinking coffee. Cloudy day, but there are kids playing and people walking, mowing lawn and washing their cars around the street. Nobody except Mary on the neighborhood is coming to meet him. It seems that after the murder ten years ago the people have fear to this house.
Fred looks at the empty table where he left the xylophone pieces and stays stopped during few seconds. "I will go to talk with the police, I need to know some more about what happened ten years ago here" Immediately, he picks up his jacket, leaves the house and goes to the car.

He arrives to the city center thanks to his large map of the area. And looks for the police station. In the city there are a lot of people and cars in all directions, too many buildings and commercials. Fred is now literally on the dense tide of the society.
He sees the police station two streets away and walks to it in a quick step. On entering he sees a big space with interior rounded balconies, a very luminous site even in a cloudy day, on the ceilings there are luminous panels like honeycombs. At the center, a big circular table with a big police badge on a wall. Fred asks for the police chief and he gets the answer that he is now busy. Things change when Fred says he is a detective and the worker takes Fred to the police chief.

He enters into a big room, not much decoration, big windows and with a red carpet. The police chief is seated on a big black chair behind a table. Fred says

- Hello sir.
- Hello Mr...?
- Oh, Frederick Rowstone.
- Oh! Frederick Rowstone! I heard from you. You led cases of murders, terrorists, I'm right?
- Yes sir...
- Oh, sorry. Richard Backner, the police chief.

They both shake hands, Richard sees Fred curiously.

- So... What are you doing here? There are a problem in the city, Frederick?
- I think not... Just curiosity, I'm living now on this city, on Raven Street 6.

The police chief looks at him in amazed and says

- Holy crap! So... You hear about that case!
- Yeah... And I want to know more... it is my house now...
- It's totally okay, please show me your national ID card to check and I will tell you more.

Fred pulls out of his pocket the card and gives it to Richard who keeps saying

- Okay, all correct. I will tell you all about that case, just because we haven't much clues and maybe you know all as we know.

Richard sits comfortable on the chair and starts

- The murder was ocurred on 7.20.2000 at night, investigated by George and Julie, two of my old detectives now in another city. No murderer, no weapons found and no clues - just three corpses and a note found of one of the victims, see yourself.

Richard got out of the room, gets a photo of a note and show it to Fred. In the note someone wrote a text difficult to read:

"I'm in this house because I saw the lights on, I keep the keys. I live in the house number 3.
Something haunts me, it's like a clockwork toy. I can't go out. It's coming here through the hole in the wall.
It's here.
God help me"
While Fred reads the note, Richard continues

- We could not do the autopsy to any body. Government agents took them to do it themselves and today I still don't know anything about it.
- No autopsy... Interesting... One thing more, Rickard - On Raven Street usually occurs electrical outages, some solution?
- I think no... Sorry. The city mayor has already sent many electricians and they say everything is well... Sorry.
- Okay, I not bother you more sir, thanks for your time.
- Bye, Frederic. If you need anything I'm here!

Fred comes out the police station with a lot of questions. "Government agents and no official autopsy... Also a clockwork toy haunts one of the victims?
Okay, this is strange. I will talk with the house seller, I'm sure he knows something more... Okay, Now I need buy a flashlight."

30 Minutes later

Fred comes to Raven Street and sees Mary on her garden. Then he thinks. "Since I bought the house I have not the contact to the seller, but Mary was on here years ago... Maybe she have a phone number..." He asks to Mary and she says that have the phone number of the sister. Mary tells him to go on home and call her if he wants, she says to Fred the seller's sister is Katherine, they was friends years ago but now she is on another country.
The Mary's house is lighting and full of artworks and amazing suits of wolves, foxes, tigers, dragons... on which she is working for commissions. Fred give thanks to Mary for the help, takes the phone and call to the sister. A man answers

- Hallo?
- Hello?
- Wer sind Sie?
- Eeh... I'm looking for Katherine...
- Okay, spricht jetzt zu dir.
Fred look Mary with the eyes wide open with a surprised face and the phone on his ear. She smiles and says Katherine lives on Germany. Then Fred heards Katherine on the phone

- Sorry, hello?
- Hello, I'm the buyer of your brother's house.
- ...
- Hello?
- Yeah yeah... any problem?
- No, I just want to talk with your brother.
- Sorry, talk with me please.
- Okay... I'm a detective... I just want to know what did the government agents tell to you... About the murder here.
- You don't care! My parents are dead and you are the buyer and detective? We don't want to know about that fucking house in that fucking Street on that fucking city! That bitch has given you this phone number? Fuck you and fuck Mary and all! I don't want to know more from you!
- Wait! I will to...

Katherine hang up the phone. Fred looks Mary and see a tear come out of her eye. She starts to cry, sits on the sofa and says

- We was friends... but now... her parents are dead and I was not know what do after the murder... She is good people, but she now wants to forget all happened... Katherine and her brother never had the corpses for the funeral... It's something really sad...

Fred looks her sad and sits on the sofa with her, then says

- I'm sorry, but this is not a reason to leave you as a friend. You're good friend, I think.
- Fred, I'm lesbian.
- Good, it's okay, why you tell me this?
- Because when occurred the Katherine's parents death, I was trying to console and help her, but for her, my sexuality was strange and she never wanted a hug by me... And for me, Katherine was a friend, a good friend, not a girlfriend.
- I see... I'm sorry... People sometimes get bad feelings or thinkings about good and normal things.
- You're right...

They hug each other, Mary stop crying and Fred promise to her that he will resolve the case. Mary looks at him confused

- But Fred... It was ten years ago...
- Don't worry, I will resolve this, this will be my last case as a detective. You deserve your friend back and Katherine and her brother deserves know the truth, I will resolve this - I promise.
- Oh Fred... You're a good man... I will help you with this.

5 Minutes later

Fred comes out of the Mary's home and she follows him, she asks to Fred

- So... Where do we start?
- Follow me! I saw from my house roof something strange on a garden plot on this Street...

Chapter Three - Under Raven Street

Fred and Mary goes to the garden. It is in a plot without house, the place have high grass and some trees and bushes on all the area. Fred enters to the grass field, behind a few bushes he sees the strange squared object. He and Mary stays stopped near the object, it seems to be an entrance to an underground site; it is squared with a light yellow tone, at the top has a strange green geometric drawing. Fred takes out of his pocket a little notebook, a pencil and his new flashlight and he draws the strange drawing in the notebook. When the sketch is already finished the he and Mary tries to open the entrance, but it doesn't opens. It seems to be closed and blocked by the interior. Mary asks worried to Fred

- So... What are we looking for? And why this entrance?
- I have to discover what is the problem of the electricity distribution on this street.
- To repair the electrical blackouts?
- Exactly.
- The electricians goes down an entrance on the street corner, not for this... entrance.
- So, why this entrance here?
- I don't know...
- That's the mystery!

Mary looks to Fred and smiles. She thinks will not possible resolve the case after ten years, but she is sure that Fred and she will do all possible. Fred observes more carefully the entrance, he sees an hole on one of the sides and inserts his fingers and with the hope to find something, he touches a leverage and the entrance makes a small sound and opens.

- Wow, Fred! You got it!

Says Mary clapping.
The interior is dark and dry, Fred turns on the flashlight and focus the interior, there are vertical stairs and on the bottom it seems to be a hallway. Fred looks to Mary and says joking

- Ladies first!

Mary looks him and laughs

- Ha ha! Okay if you want, baby!

Fred, surprised does not permits to Mary enter first as expected. He goes down the metal stairs slowly, the entrance has rock walls and at every step the darkness intensifies. Fred arrives the floor at the end of the stairs and stops to look the place. Suddenly Mary, at the top of him, steps on Fred's fingers.

- Aaahh!
- Oh my god, I'm so sorry Fred! Are you okay?
- Huh... Yeah, don't worry. It's my fault, I'm not used to working with more people near me, haha...

The two neighbors are now on a long and dark hallway, Fred focus the flashlight to the corridor and he can't see the end. They walks in the middle of darkness, after a few steps they can see a hole covered with one rug on the wall at the end of the hallway. They walks to the rug and turns it to the right, then they can see a dark room in the other site. Fred focus the light in all directions and finds a light switch at left. They go through the hole in the wall and Fred turns on the light.
The room has got a lot of pipelines and wires, a few switch control panels on the left wall, some boxes covered by other rug at the right and at the top, other stairs to other exit.

Fred thoughtful, says to Mary

- Great, this street has got a underground breaker room, for the supply of water and electricity... and it seems has more than one entrance. The electricians enters and exits by this entrance, but they don't know about the other door where we have entered. This explains all the electrical blackouts, someone enters here by the other door and plays with the switches and buttons. I think we can catch the person who are entering here to turn off the lights of all the hous...

Fred does not end his phrase, a loud metallic sound was heard. Mary who was listening to Fred, runs behind him.

- Shit! What the hell was that, Fred?
- I don't know, it proceed from the other entrance...

The same sound is hearing again, but now more loud and more near. Mary is terrified.

- Holy crap... Fred... please let's move out on of this site...
- We will, but this door is locked, we have to return...
- You're crazy!? What is those sounds...?

They, on the middle of the breaker room, don't moves. Fred, is staring looking to the secret entrance behind the rug - with his flashlight focus the hallway, all is dark.
Suddenly, a quick little steps is heard, Mary screams and grabs Fred's arm. The steps are moving away, then more metallic sounds and finally, a silence.
Fred calms Mary, take her hand and starts to walk to the exit

- Don't worry Mary, the person is gone now, but someone knows that we've discovered the entrance - come on, we have to go out of this room now.

They walk to the end of the hallway and go up the stairs. Now they comes out in the garden and now Mary feels safe. The square secret entrance on the grass closes the door.
Mary sits on the grass and Fred near her. The girl stays looking the sky.

- Fred... We are friends?
- Oh! Yeah, sure!
- At last... we haven't advanced on the murder case... only we know that there is a secret entrance to this street's breaker room...
- Mary, this plot... this garden... never had a house?
- I think not. I lived here since I was born with my parents... and... I don't remember any house with the number nine... It never existed.
- By the way... Your parents... are living in other home?
- My mom died, my father now lives in Texas.
- Oh... sorry.
- It's okay, Fred. Oh! I want to ask you... This night some of my friends and I will going to a party... You want to come with us?
- I'm not usually on fun sites... and I want to relax... think about all happened today.
- Oooh, come on Mr. Detective! It will be fun! After we will have time to more adventures!
- Ookay then...
- Yeah!!
- So, where will be the party?
- Oh, It will be in one of my friends' parents old house, in the mountains - If you want to drive, I will go with you in your car and I'll show you the way.
- Okay then!

Mary stands up happy and hugs Fred.

- See you at seven o'clock!
- Okay, see you! Bye, Mary!

Fred sees Mary walking to her home, then he turns the head and sees again the entrance to the underground room. "Okay... who is the person who have entering before when Mary and me were on the room? Why the electrical blackouts? This can not be related to the case of the murder... ten years ago! God... I need to think before go to the party... night party on the mountains... sounds good... and interesting."

Chapter Four - Dark Party


The afternoon is sunny, on Raven Street the people is out on their gardens after dinner. All the city is lit by orange color from the sun, the few clouds on the sky are blurred and scattered - except on top of the mountains, on that site the clouds gets grey color and the fog starts to cover the mountains.

Fred is ready to go on the Mary's friends party, he takes the flashlight - Maybe he will need it. Then comes out of home, Mary is on his garden waiting. When sees Fred smiles and both go to the Fred's car.

- We will have a great time, Fred!
- Yeah! I hope it so!

Fred starts the car and they go out of Raven Street.

- Mary, please... Don't say to your friends that I'm a detective - I don't want they start to thinking strange things about me.
- Okay, but you told me that you will stop of this work, right?
- Yes, I will - When we discover what happened on Raven Street.
- Okay...

Mary looks out of the car window sad, she is not sure if they will can discover all happened ten years ago.

10 Minutes later

Mary is showing to Fred the way to the party, the car arrives to the mountains. The site is full of bushes and leafless trees, the highway looks new and the sky becomes dark and foggy. In the distance is the house of the party. When the car arrives Fred and Mary sees two cars more near the house. Fred parks the car, they go out and looks to three boys coming out of one of the cars. Mary raises her hand and the boys comes to her.

- Lucas, Joe and Jairo! Hi! This is my new friend, Fred!

Lucas wears shorts, black trainers and a tank top, he is a little fat with brown hair with a red cap, he have two wine bottles on his right hand. Joe is 21, he is good looking with a black hair full of hair wax. Jairo is tall and looks a young boy, he is blonde with brown eyes and he is another artist like Mary. Lucas goes in front of Fred and gives him a friendly hug, then says

- Wow, Mary! Your boyfriend is good looking!

Mary looks Lucas laughing and hits him on the arm.

- He is not my boyfriend! You all know I'm lesbian! Silly Lucas!

After, they all goes to the home; it is an old building but it is very pretty, it have a roof with light red color, a garden without trees and no fence, only few plants, flowers and bushes. The house is in front of the road at a few metters.
Mary and the four boys enters to the house, there is a living room full of people, music and color lights. Suddenly Lucas turn off the music, walks to the center of the room and raises the arms

- Oooookay, friends! Please listen to me! This is Fred, a Mary's new friend and our new friend! I think this man is awesome, so let's give him a warm welcome!

All the people smiles, claps and greetings him. Now Lucas looks and approaches to Fred pointing fast to everyone in the room

- Okay friend, now... they are Joe, Jairo, Mary, Tanya, Paul, Elisa, Robin, Willian, Caroline, this is a cool TV and I'm Lucas - welcome with us!

Fred gives thank to Lucas for the welcome.
Time later all friends starts to dinner, Lucas has cooked homemade pizza and burgers, all of the people are asking to Fred about him. Fred relates a bit of his life; He worked with the police on Seattle and on other cities, but now is looking for a different life - He loves investigate and the mystery novels, but the work's danger bringed to him the proposal of stop working for a future marry and family. Now Lucas starts to say a few things about this friends group. The group is known by young people around the city, is one of the most friendly groups and some people here have a techno band. They sometimes play their songs at parties, schools or hospitals to cheer up sick children.

One hour later

After the dinner all people is dancing on the living room, Lucas is on the kitchen with Tanya serving more wine, on more glasses, to more people - some people is already quite drunk. Fred is sitting on the sofa looking at Mary and Jairo near him. Jairo has a laptop computer and he and Mary are watching awesome drawings and pictures on an art web called DeviantART. Fred stands up and walks to the back room of the house, he go to the window and looks out, the sun goes down on the horizon - The city looks as gold and the man can see the little houses of Raven Street and other neighborhoods. Fred stays looking the scenery until the fog is cover all and the sun is gone.
Suddenly, the lights turns off. All the house is into an unexpected darkness, Fred hears Lucas scream

- Oh god! Don't worry friends! I will repair this! Please all, come here on the living room!

Fred walks on the middle of darkness touching the walls and furniture, he will take the flashlight but first he must find his jacket. The man hears some of their new friends far on the living room and kitchen, the dark covers all, Fred can't see anything. He walks slowly on the hallway and a sound of a broke glass comes from the bathroom. All the people in the house gets nervous, Lucas screams again

- God dammit! Who is the person breaking stuff? It's only a power outage, calm down!

Fred on the hallway, finds his jacket on the coat rack and turns on the flashlight, then all people on the living room and Lucas at first runs to the bathroom. The ten friends stops in front of the door. Lucas opens it, Fred focus the flashlight to the interior; No people inside, but the window is broken. Lucas puts his hands on the head

- Holy crap! What the hell!?

Fred runs to the window and focus the light to the exterior surroundings, nothing strange - only trees with pointy branches. He can see the road near the house, the light is on at the lampposts. Suddenly the voice of Mary is heard behind him.

{Mary} - Hey... Where is William?
{Lucas} - He is not with us?
{Caroline} - I saw him go out of the house with his flashlight a few minutes ago, he was drunk.
{Lucas} - Great, oh god we have to find him.
{Fred} - I'll go to find him.
{Lucas} - Not alone, I go with you. Please all, on the kitchen we have candles - light them.

First, Lucas and Fred go out to the back of the house, here is the electricity panel of the house, its switch, buttons and wires are broken with some perforated holes - someone has nailed something pointed on them to turn off the house light. After seen that, the two friends runs to the road, the house behind them is completely on the middle of the dark, they walks on the road, the way have lampposts every few metters, but they are very separated and the light is lost on the dark woods at two sides. Fred have the flashlight and Lucas cry out William with the hope to see him safe; the woods of this mountains are dangerous at night, rocks, trees with pointy branches and no light even on road because the bad position of the lampposts makes people careful with a bit of fear.
Some of the fog is gone and on the sky the stars brights. William does not appears, the friends still walking on the dark. Lucas ask to Fred what he think about the person who broke the window of his home. Fred tells to him that the window has broken from the exterior, but nobody was outside and no projectile object like a stone was found inside the bathroom, something really strange. After a few steps more, they find a body at the middle of the road; near it is Williams' flashlight, Fred and Lucas runs to the body.
They pick up the body and sits him on the road, William look to them blinded by the light of Fred's flashlight, William seems to be okay, is only drunk. Suddenly he looks to one direction of the highway and point it with the hand, Lucas lift up William and takes him return to home with the other flashlight. Fred looks at the direction pointed by William; there is a distant lamppost at the right side of the road, under the light ray something small circular is on the cold highway and it doesn't looks as an animal - few seconds later that object moves at high speed to the right and disappears under the dark of the lamppost and trees, Fred go back one step, frightened.

- Lucas, please... Takes William return to your house, I will return later in a few minutes, ok?
- Wait, what? What are you doing?
- Don't worry, I will return - I just see something strange...
- God... okay them. Please be careful, see you now.

Fred walks to the lamppost where he seen the object, there is nothing strange - but he is sure that the object was real. He gets off the road and walks between the trees and bushes to the deep forest.

The dark night is now the Fred companion, and the trees branches scratch his body. He have too much questions on his mind and he will don't tolerate more questions without answers.

Chapter Five - Colossal Walls

Fred is surrounded by the darkness, his flashlight starts to flashes. In the deep of the forest the trees looks like hands trying to catch the stars on the sky, the grass seems that it have not color, that mysterious object that ran to escape is in someplace in this forest.
Fred suddenly stops; he heard a crunch of a branch. He focus in all directions with the flashlight: nothing strange - maybe the sound came from his steps.
Another crunch of a branch is heard, Fred is not walking - he focus the light fast in front of him: What he sees leaves him breathless. That strange object is a little robot, it has a big mouth with spiked metallic teeths, two big eyes with a little pupils and its body color is dark purple with two small boots on the feet. His arms are black tubes ended on one big metallic spike as a hand. Like a toy of the devil, with a horrible appearance, its looks like it is alive. That robot stay looking Fred for a few seconds and then runs far away. Fred frightened start to chase it, he never had seen a robot like this, with that strange appearance

- Please! What are you? Please! I will not hurt you!

Fred runs through the forest, hears and sees the robot running in front of him. The trees branches scratch Fred's face. A few meters away there is a metal fence, the robot climbs it and starts to running again at the other site. Fred is tired of running, at least he found the fence like a point of reference. There is a placard near him that says "Restricted Area - protected natural area" Obviously, that fence and that placard will not stop Fred, who climbs the fence and arrives the other side.
Now he have to continue and find that horrible robot. He is going to continue but somebody is lighting him with a flashlight behind him. He turns frightened with the thought to encounter with more horrible things, but no, Fred sees surprised to the person - is Mary behind the fence.

- Mary! What the hell are you here?!
- When Lucas and William arrived to home, Lucas told to me that you did see something wrong on the road so I left the home to find you. And I saw the light of your flashlight between the trees. So here I am.
- Okay, you already found me, now please come back to home, I'm fine.
- No Fred, I will be with you. And by the way, what are you doing in the other side of this fence?
- It will be better if you do not know what I've seen...
- Oh! What you've seen?

Fred does not want to scare Mary, but he must to find the robot and he hasn't other other choice; Mary will be near him. He helps Mary to climb the fence and they continue walking. Fred tells to Mary what he saw with no details, he is still frightened of that robot. The two friends walks to the unknown, after a few minutes they see the road and the lampposts again. This mountain looks to be a maze. Fred and Mary arrives the road and starts to walking through it. Far away they looks something on the road, something big lighted with powerful spotlights. Something big is on the middle of the road and ends it. Fred and Mary walks more and when they sees clearly what is that big object, they stops and looks at it scared and worried. There is a colossal metallic wall intersecting the road with a big door, the wall is extended and disappears on the dark of the forest on the both sides. That wall have windows with a dark crystal, but there are no lights on. The place is lonely and foggy, there are no sounds, even the crickets can not be heard. On the road, there are a red text: "no trespassing" Terrified, Freds looks Mary

- Mary...? What is this place?
- I... I don't know, I always thought this place was a natural protected area...
- It looks like a government secret base... but there's nobody here, that place must be guarded by soldiers... but this site is not abandoned... the lights are on.
- You think that robot can be inside that place?
- Yes, and we will find the way to enter.

Fred start to walk to the big door but Mary stops him and takes his arm. Fred looks to Mary, she is angry and nervous

- Fred! I know you are a detective but you must stop now! We don't know what are in the other side, this is a colossal metal wall and there is no way to enter. Please come back to home. We must not be here, with or without strange robot.

Fred looks to her, he understand this. Sometimes he is too ambitious on his job. They must go back, they're tired. But when it looked like all was over, Fred stops and looks to the road surprised. Immediately he crouches and puts his ear on the road. Mary doesn't know what are doing Fred now

- Ehh... Fred?
- Shut up!
- What?! Why?! Fred??
- Come here, you must to hear this!

Mary puts her ear on the road near Fred, she doesn't believe what is hearing; Under the road, in a underground place in the middle of the mountain something is hearing, something bad and strange. Fred and Mary never heard something like that. The sound is unmistakable, is a breath. But not a normal breath, the sound is metallic - is like if a giant robot could breathe under the mountain.
Mary stands up terrified

- O... okay... okay Fred... What the hell was that!?
- I don't know...
- Fred! That was a breath! What the hell?! What the hell?!
- Ooookay Mary, relax... I will discover what is that sou...
- Fred! Oh my god! Look that!

Fred stand up immediately, Mary is pointing the big door on the metal wall, near it, in the middle on the road is the little robot that Fred saw before. Fred starts to run to it and the robot runs to the left side of the road and enters in to a hole. Fred arrives the hole and Mary runs behind Fred - they stop and look the hole, now they have a way to enter. Fred takes Mary's hand and calms her. He promise that everything will be fine. It seems that strange robot wants they to follow it, looks horrible but it seems not dangerous. The friends enters into the hole of the ground, they must crawl - the hole size is like a big ventilation duct and inside is cold and damp. The ground stains their clothes and hands, fortunately the exit is near and Fred and Mary arrives ther other side.
Fred looks Mary and says joking

- Okay, I hope there will not a third fence or wall biggest than this one!

They looks arround; the road continuing and far away, there are more lights and a dark building near the road.

Meanwhile, on Lucas home

The group of friends are now with the house full of candles, William is in one of the bedrooms sleeping, Lucas is talking with one policeman; It seems meanwhile Lucas and Fred was outside home finding William, somebody has stolen one car parked near the house. Casually William's car.

- Sir, my friends and I had a party today, first somebody breaks the house's electrical panel and the bathroom window, then one of my friends go outside drunk and when one of my friends and I go out to find him somebody stolen his car. My other friends here only heard the engine noise.

The policeman looks to him impressed, meanwhile he is writing fast on a notebook

- Okay... Lucas right? Your friends now are okay?
- Yeah, but I don't know about Fred, is the friend who was with me helping finding William... and about Mary...
- Where is that Fred?
- He was with me but we separated because he saw something strange on the road or something like that... I don't know...
- Okay... And what about that Mary?
- Oh, she came out to find Fred.

The policeman wipes the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve, looks to the text on his notebook; is like a letters soup without sense and all disorganized. He talk to Lucas

- Okay Lucas... You must to go to the police station to explain all better and also that William to report the car robbery.
- Okay... I'm going to wake him, please wait a few minutes, sir.

Chapter Six - Section A-4

Fred and Mary walks on the road, there is a building full of lights behind the fog and some trees, the breath sound intensifies more and more.
Finally, they arrives and looks the building; Fred was right, it is a goverment base or laboratory. The building has big metal parts on all walls, a lot of lamps, pipelines and large metal structures. There is a parking with a tank and the area is rounded by tall walls, in one of these there are big letters with the text of "Section A-4" The aspect is disturbing, all are dark and without colors, the trees are only shadows and the fog makes the place more perturbing. It seems the place is abandoned, nobody is here, there are only be heard the sound of that breath - but all the lights are on.
They enters across the parking, near a big tank. The place seems to be a military secret base. At the left there are stairs to other site and at the right the parking extends on more area surrounded by the big armored walls. Fred and Mary feels tired, the ambiance and the place makes they be near to fall asleep. In front of they, there is a door ajar to the interior of the building. Fred go to enters, Mary not feels well; she is afraid and don't understand the purpose of this place.

The interior feels more secure, there is a hallway with a lot of lamps turned on, on the walls there are a lot of wires crossing the hall and pipelines from the top to the bottom. At the end of the hall there is a window to a room that seems to be the secretary room. There is another hallway to the right, this is more large and ends into a closed door; but also at the left on this corridor there is another hallway, the site seems to be a maze. The two friends walks and turns to the left hallway.
There are nobody here, all lights are on and the breathing under the ground sounds more loud on each step. At the right there is two doors and between them, an elevator entrance. The first door is locked. The elevator looks strange, it seems to be broken; there is a wire on the interior disconnected and the floor number on the panel is -4. On the interior also has a security camera and a panel with a lot of floors. Fred enters to see better the panel, all the floors are cero or negative divided on different areas. The place have a big extension underground. They continued to the second door, it is open. The room is big with a lot of stuff, there are metallic pieces, white curtains and tables with a lot of extrange material. All lights on this room are also on. Fred is walking on the room looking everything, Mary is worried; they don't should be here.

- Eh, Fred... please... We have to go out of this site...
- Yeah, you're right. I don't care that strange robot now.

They are ready to leave that place. But, in the last moment, Fred finds a computer with the screen on; he is sure the screen was off a few seconds ago.
On the screen there are an open file with an activity log, Fred and Mary starts to read and what is written makes they full of fear.



The CIA approves a program and the construction of an underground laboratory for the investigation about real programmed souls creation to insertions on war machines.



We've created the first programed soul, unfortunately our robotics laboratory sections is under construction and for now inoperative. We managed to find an old animatronic from one local restaurant to insert the soul program. The robot codename is 08-C.



We managed to transport a soul between two actives. We have tested with 08-C, the soul can be transported to our supercomputer and returned to 08-C.



We experienced strange comportances on soul states, it seems is generating an intelligence itself. An employee is injured.



08-C Escapes out the laboratory. The soul programmed inside the robot has an advanced intelligence the security system has failed from system inside, the machine killed some security guards. The CIA cloak us.

A few months later the police finds the robot on the basement in the house number 6 of one neighborhood named Raven Street in the city. The information must be hidden and our agents announces officially a lie; saying that it was of illegal use by a technician who have manipulated the robot to steal on homes.
The 08-C robot has missing pieces and it hasn't any soul program inside; the hardware is empty. Our agents discover that the soul was moved to another unknown device.



A murder happens on Raven Street. We think that is related with our experiments, the agents collects the bodies and the additional info is hidden. We do the autopsy and we keep the corpses for future experiments. The corpses are never returned to their relatives.



After much time spent on working on the project, we have a prototype. We have inserted robotic parts to one of the corpses and we finally gets its soul code, we have revived a dead human. We observe the behavior of the subject. He remember his name and his entire past life. The other two corpses are cremated immediately.



The subject named Larry learns how live in our laboratory. He has a bedroom, but he not needs sleep or eat. Even so he have feelings and remember all about him.
We have programmed souls and robotic prototypes that are getting smarter and thinks on their own.



Their intelligence surpasses us, they have acceded to the security system, cameras, microphones, all devices.They have the control on entire Section B, we have closed and protected all the exits to Section A but we know they will go out and will can controll the entire laboratory.



68 dead workers, 120 programmed souls and 12 robot prototypes. They have now control on the factory section and they are making their own prototypes and arms. The government and military will come here the next year, to save us... If we're still alive.


- Fred... What is this...?
- Come on Mary, we have to go out of here. Don't touch anything.

Fred and Mary are on the middle of a failed dangerous investigation, all of this time, in the mountains, there was a place for create souls for war machines. Fred start to walk to the door but on the computer screen another file is opened by itself. Fred and his friend looks the screen, there is a text file empty - but after few seconds, the file starts to write something by itself. Fred takes Mary's hand, now the computer is writting a text.


Hi, sorry for the bad way to contact to you but it's the best that I found.

I'm Larry, I was dead. Now I'm not a person, I'm not a human, I don't know what is me. I had a robot machinery inside my synthetic skin. I have meet with other persons like me, but they're never was real people, they have a programmed brains and souls. The workers and scientists on this laboratory was insane and all of this is a madness, they wanted create programed souls for war machines and prototypes. Something that will can decide if kill or not in one war. Not remottly controlled, not a real person like soldier, just a programed brain with soul that follows orders on a war. Those programmed souls can be stay on robots, but also in cars, tanks, planes. This is a human madness for all world and future history, we will not permitted that this will happens. They killed all people here, now I have to find help. The other programed souls have other plans, they want to control all world. They have turned against me, I don't want this, but I can't do anything to stop this.

I had a daughter named Katherine, I don't know anything about her. She had a wind up toy, named Mr. Xylophone toy. The toy can play a song with its xylophone. Now I understand all. This toy have a soul transported inside, the soul of the prototype 08-C. That prototype was transformed the toy in to an advanced robot on 1988 with its mechanical pieces and then leaved its soul into the transformed toy to escape. That toy starting to love its xylophone. The programed souls can starts love and appreciate other objects or people and this is related with the love that the toy have by my daughter, it was her favourite toy and she always loved it. The soul inside that toy was able to feel the love of my daughter towards Mr. xylophone toy. I hid the two xylophone pieces, one week on 1988 I was listening to the xylophone song of that toy every night. The toy on that time was already transformed and started to play the song by itself. That toy killed me and also my wife. To get revenge.

All of those programmed souls have not knowledge about the world, they are like newly born and they have a lot of power, without know how control it.

I know this is hard to understand, now I'm on the section B, the other prototypes have a mission, control all the world. They are still standing here, watching everyone and all the city. I'm sure that someday they all go out to kill the human beings. They now are working on horrible prototypes and war machines. All of the scientists' work, is now against them. But don't worry, all of them are dead.

They have a boss, the codename is A.B.C. (Alpha Brain Concentrate). A new mechanical robot with improved fuctions and advanced soul capacity. It is a colossal dark robot who needs a lot of energy power. It is on the section -1, in a big armored room. That entire room is an elevator to take A.B.C. to the surface. Mr. xylophone toy was taking energy of Raven Street's breaking room during the last 6 years for A.B.C. The boss is now ready to wake up; now, all other souls are leave the robotic bodies and will united into it.

I need your help, now I've evolutioned and I'm into the cameras devices on this lab, I see you and I see your friend, I need your help to stop this. You must go and lock manually the first door on the area -1 to crush A.B.C. If you don't believe me, just go to the section -1. To go you must press three times the floor -3 on the section 4 in the elevator pannel. The military and the government agents will come here at this morning, we have not time, they don't want to people know about this site. They will eliminate you or your memories. I will help you deleting all recordings about you. The government will never know that you're here.

Here you have the instructions in a visual way:

Please, we have to stop this madness, trust me.


Each second Fred and Mary are more shocked, they don't believe what they see. They are in one laboratory designed to experiment war machines with souls inside. Mary starts to cry and hugs Fred

- Fred, please let's go from here... what is this site? what is happening here?
- I don't know Mary... I'm sorry... but we must to believe this, is hard... But Larry need us... We need to go on that section -1... I need to see A.B.C. and if all of this is real... the humanity needs us...

Fred looks the room, there is a camera device. Behind that object there is the soul of Fred, watching them.
They look each other, they don't believe all of pain and horror created by the government and experiments on that site. Each second the sound of that breath in the underground sounds louder. They have a few hours until the first sun rays will start to appear on the horizon, they have a mission now.
They must to save the humanity, they must destroy A.B.C. and liberate all misunderstood souls, created by humans in that lab.

Chapter Seven - End of Memories

Fred and Mary comes out of the room. They turns on left to the elevator, on the panel which had the number -4 near the elevator entrance now is showing a text moving from right to left. "Press three times the red button"
They enters on the elevator, at the left there is a panel with a lot of buttons and floors to go and at the bottom, the red button. Fred press the button carefully three times and takes Mary's hand. The elevator close the door and starts to moving, the breathing sounds more and more loud. There are metal parts on the elevator that makes strange sounds and crunches; it seems they are going to the hell itself.
After thirty seconds approximately the elevator starts to stop, the light on the interior flashes two times, the door opens and suddenly the breathing stops.
Fred and Mary don't look anything outside the elevator, there is a big room but they can't see the walls or the roof. Then Fred comes outside and looks at the left; here is the light switch. He turns on the light and a light appears at the top; there is only one lamp that lights a site on the room. Now Fred and Mary can see the machine who was breathing; it is a colossal robot, a machine covered by wires with a giant mask, the metal is dark and on the head it has three ventilation ducts. It has two arms as legs which uses to be stand up. Fred looks the robot, Mary is horrified. Then the robot opens its eyes and starts to speak with a metallic voice full of echo. It's eyes are white and have light rays coming out of them.

- Humans. Here. On my birth. More souls to save into me. This is the first time, and the last time for you. Fred knows what he must to do, but he will not permitted Mary to stay with him for more time. He enters on the elevator where is Mary and press the floor zero of the section four. Mary tries to go outside but Fred does not permit this.

- I'm sorry Mary, I will protect you.
- No, Fred! No please!

The door is closed and Mary starts to hit it.

- Fred! Please! No! Larry! Larry! Please I know you're in here watching us! Please stop the elevator now!

Larry is watching her on the camera, but he don't want do anything about it: it was Fred's choice. Suddenly, the alarms starts to sound, the elevator and the big room where is Fred is lighted of flashing red lights.
A voice is heard on the big room, is Larry talking to Fred by the speakers.

- Fred! You haven't much time, cross the room and block the doors manually to crush A.B.C.! I will try protect the system so that A.B.C. does not enter on the system code to open them again!

The robot starts walking to kill Fred, but the robot is slow, Fred runs under it and cross the room, he sees the entrance to the breaker room on one corner and keep running toward it. A.B.C. is running now behind him with loud steps. He opens the door and enters, that robot is too big to go inside and catch him now. Fred doesn't believe what is happening, he only wants to finish this madness. There is a control panel behind a group of wires, Fred runs to it and looks, there is a button to block the doors of the big room. Fred press it and then he finds the lever to activate the room's massive elevator.
The big room starts to go up to the surface, but with the locked doors and Larry's help the room can't go up more and crushes A.B.C. against the first door. Fred hears the breaking metal and the screaming of the robot. After few seconds the scream becomes to miles of screams, all of the souls of the experiments and of the workers into the robot are now free and they screams full of pain and misery going out of that collossal body.


Mary arrives the zero floor, she press the red button three times but Larry had locked the system. She runs toward the exit, the laboratory is full of loud alarms, red lights and she can hear A.B.C. walking underground. Mary comes out of the building and cross the park where is the tank, now she looks in all directions, suddenly sees the ground explode on the left; the sky is full of ground flying and the big metal doors underground are going out broken by the hole on the terrain. The souls are going out of the hole and screams, they are white bright balls leaving a light trail. All of them are going to the sky on a beautiful and horrible show at the same time. Now they are free.

After a few seconds Mary still looks to the sky, but she hears helicopters. The military army is here and she must escape of that place, she is sure Fred is well but now she haven't time to find he. She hopes the government agents will not find Fred; because they will make all possible to hide all happened here.

Two Hours Later

The sun is appearing on the horizon, it will be a sunny day.
Mary arrives Raven Street, she is exhausted, shocked and tired. She only wants to sleep now. The people on the Street looks her; She have the clothes stained and she have a face like someone drunk. She enters on home, closes the door and she faints on the floor.


Mary gets up of the floor, she is dizzy. The phone rings on home, the girl walks slowly to the phone

- Heh... Hello...
- Mary! You're in home! Oh well!
- Fred...?
- No I'm not, I'm Lucas! Mary... You're okay? The last night... all was weird
- Oh... Yeah... So weird... I can't talk with you right now Lucas... see you soon... okay?
- Okay, bye Mary!

Mary looks the clock; it's five o'clock, she was sleeping all day. Then she remember all what happened: the laboratory, the souls, the robot... Fred.
She go out of home and runs to Fred home. Her clothes are still stained; she has not changed it, there is not time for this. Knocks Fred's door, Mary wants to see him saved and alright and she hopes to find Fred at home.
The door opens; A dressed man with a blue necktie goes out of the home, Fred is behind him. The man looks Mary and smiles, she looks that smile; this is an evil smile. The man greets Mary and say goodbye to Fred, then he walks out of the garden and leaves the place.
Mary looks to Fred, he smiles to the girl; he looks not scared or worried.

- Hello Mary! How are you? It was great party last night, right? I don't remember anything haha! And I was sure I will not become drunk hehe.

Mary starts to cry and runs to her home. Fred is surprised

- Mary? What I've said? Wait, what we did last night? Mary!

Mary doesn't want to believe this, she cries and puts her hands on the head "No, no, no, no... please... not this... That fucking agents have brainwashed Fred... his memories... all what happened... now nobody will believe me... why..? oh god..."

Meanwhile, Into the Web

After helping Fred, Larry managed to connect himself to the military radio and the satellite. Now he is on the web and he has created a website to spread something important to the world.


I'm writing this because I'm sure you deserve to know this. I'm Larry and I was dead, now I'm on everywhere. Hello son, hello daughter, if you read this I have to say that I still love you.

All of you, will the oportunity to choose if you will beliebe me or not.
It has passed much time - and now it's time to make justice, it's time to tell you all the truth.