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Creating an account is free for all. To get started click Account at the top menu and then Sign up, this website will ask some info from you:
  • Username: The name of your user.

  • Email: To keep your account secure. You will not receive any spam messages here.

  • Password: A personal code to enter to your account.

  • Birthday date: this website only needs the month and day of your birthday. You can't change these data after sign up.

  • Features mode: Default brings you only needful features. Full brings you access to all features.

  • Your role: Choose the role which best suits you and your account; follower, business, artist...
- Later you'll be able to add a profile pic, bio and more about you if you want.
Accounts brings you new ways to interact with the website:

* Some of those features may be unavailable on Default features mode.
  • Items Collectables that brings user different ways to use them for several functions. Here you have some of them:

    Points: The main interchange currency.

    Magnacitta: Unusual ore with unknown usages... for now.

    Event Credit: Gives you access to temporary events on compatible levels.

    . . . and more

    You can check all items you have at top right menu area on account window.
  • Stamps You will get stamps on your account after doing achievements.
. . . and more
  • Store The right place to providing you cool items, to unlock secrets, complete tasks and interact on new ways around the website.
  • Quests Tasks to get the prizes. Some are linked to another, this means you must complete one by one in order.
  • Events These are temporary activities that the website can bring to the users. Users can enter with an Event Credit of the same level or higher, but never lower.

    Default users highest level is 1, Official Supporters highest level is 2 and level 3 goes for Teamworks members, admins or editors.
  • Ratings Complete activities and you'll be able to rate different website features.
  • Compatibility Users accounts feature will add a new compatibility system in the future. This means your account here can be linked to games, apps and websites out of here.
  • Extra content Info, pics and varied content from some projects on explore page.

More info will come to this page soon!