• Points The main exchange currency around this website. You can get these by completing Quests, participating in events, doing tasks and using consumable Items.

  • Items & Inventory Resources with several purposes. You can get items at the Arcade, buying some at the Store by using Points or using consumables. Your inventory stores every item you own. Here you can check them, filter them by types and use consumable ones. Unlike Stamps, your items are private.
    • Collectibles: common items that can be stacked, some of them have storage limit.

    • Unit: unique items you can get once.

    • Special: brings you extra information or feature usages.

    • Event: common items that can be stored as many times as you get them.

    • Consumables: openable or usable ones, contains collectible items inside.

  • Stamps You can get cool ones by completing tasks around the website and at the Arcade as a reward. You can't get repeated stamps. Some users can also get special ones by doing amazing things. Your stamps are shown on your public Profile.

  • Store The place where you can get several Items or buy products.

  • Quests Complete available tasks and get Points.

  • Profiles Visit someone, add Friends or check their Stamps by clicking on their icon or card.

  • heavenly-roadsJairo de Ara

  • Friends Your friends list is a quick way to visit your favourite users. This list is private and no user will be notified when you add or delete them. You can add or remove friends using the button at their Profiles.

  • Bonus You can redeem codes using the button at your account window. This gives you extra resources such as Points and Items. Each code has one use per user.

  • Settings & Customize This area is at the right side of your account window, two tabs that offers everything you need to have full control about your account.
    • Settings: contains your data and display options among other parameters.
      • Role: select which defines you the best. Your user experience will not be affected on any way.

      • Features Mode: 'Simplified' mode hides secondary features. It is recommended to select 'Full' mode for the best experience.
    • Customize: change the look of your account with Themes, Picture Styles and Custom Colors.

    • (you can change these parameters anytime)

  • Birthday This website asks you for the day and month of your birthday at sign up. You will get an Item on that date if you visit the website using your account.

  • Easter Eggs This website is not what it seems - it changes when you stay logged in and let you prove your exploration skills. Every place may contain a surprise waiting for you, so feel free to explore each corner. There are many secrets around: misterious pages and hidden content. The more you go into, the more content you get. But don't go too deep, the secret pages contains strange codes and no one knows what they do... for now.
  • Coins Get these Items while playing Games, by opening Chests and consumables. They work as score and allows you to get extra rewards. Your Coins resets each week and they become 'Ghost Coins'.

  • Games Play these to get Coins. You can't die while playing, but you can loose Coins if you do something wrong. Games have varied difficulty levels.

  • Chests Open these to get varied Items. You can open each chest once a day.

  • Prizes Reach top places and get exclusive content as Points, Items, Stamps and Themes at the end of the week.

  • Goals Complete these to get extra rewards, there are individual and cooperative goals. Rewards are given at the end of the week and you need 500 Coins as minimum to apply.


You can get this membership at the Store if you want to support this website and its content by donating $3. One time - forever, no monthly payments. This membership unlocks extra features for you.

  • Themes Change your account and Profile window with these. You can unlock new ones as rewards.

  • Picture Style Select a style to change the appearance of your user picture wherever it is.

  • Custom Color Select a color to change the appearance of your user card and account window header.

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