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About: heavenly-roads

    Hi! Thank you for stopping here.
    I'm Jairo, a self-taught artist from Spain. I love to create and try new art styles and categories.

    I do photography, fractal art, traditional and digital art, photomanipulation, 3D design, animation and some more. Also I'm a videogame developer and also I designed my own website where you're now.

    I am a very perfectionist person, sometimes I'm happy with my artworks result, but I know I can improve more and more - and the best way to learn is by doing!

    Feel free to look around my official accounts around internet and follow me if you enjoy what I make.
    Thanks for read! I hope to see you soon, have a great day :)
  • Artist name:

    Jairo de Ara
  • Artist type:

    Varied - Perfectionist
  • Personality:

    Quiet with loud mind
  • Likes:

    Outer space, science, animals, furries, videogames.
  • Dislikes:

    Animal cruelty, bad people.
  • Favourite animation studio:

  • Favourite videogames company:

  • Favourite animals:

    Fox, wolf, owl.