-Copyright Policy-

1) Can you use my artworks for commercial purposes?

Some of my artworks are restricted only for my personal use. Contact page and tell me about what is the artwork that you are interested to use and the purpose of your use.
It is totally forbidden to manipulate, edit, change the title of the work and delete the original watermark.

1.2) My artworks on music projects:

Yeah, if your project does not represent my work as yours directly, you can if you give the credit of the artwork.

1.3) My artworks on public exhibitions:

You can if due this activity there are not monetizing, selling and earnings incomes in other ways. You must give credit to me. Also you, the exhibition or third companies mustn't represent my work as own property.

2) Resources:

The packs on download content page are free to use and manipulate. The credit is not required.
You also can use the resources for commercial projects, but you are not authorised to sell them or share as yours directly.

3) Wallpapers:

The wallpapers on download content page are free to use as a wallpaper on your devices. You can't use for personal or commercial projects. You're not authorized to sell, share or exhibit as yours. Edits or modifications are not allowed.

4) Logo, Name and Brand:

You can't use heavenly-roads' image, brand, name, logo or other property that is direct identification to me - Unless you're sponsoring or announces me with my prior authorization.

-Terms of Service-

1) External sites:

heavenly-roads makes no warranties or representations of any kind of misuse and possible errors on sites, services, companies or individuals that heavenly-roads does not control. You must be cautious and read the Terms of Services by other sites.

1.2) deviantART POINTS:

Only if you're a member of dA, you can donate them to me knowing that I will use them only and for use into deviantART. Terms of Service are applied from deviantART: Points Terms of Service


1) About this website:

This site does not contain ads, cookies, malware or other harmful files to your browser and device.
This web collects information, including among others: sessions time, transactions, geographic info and language. No method of storing information is totally secure on internet; So, I cannot guarantee the absolute security of any information.
This web has not been created with templates, or other web content managers - if you see an error, it will be appreciated if you inform me.

2) Accounts:

My official accounts are shown on the bottom on explore page. Please, only trust on those accounts, if you want to contact direct to me and not by other sites please write to me on contact page.

heavenly-roads can update those policies sometimes, updates are shown on heavenly-roads' activity calendar on explore page.