· Welcome all to my website, here you can find everything that you need to know about me - extra features and info. Also you can download resources and wallpapers on download page for your projects.

· This website is on continuous update - more features and awesome things are waiting for you!

Enjoy your visit :)

~ heavenly-roads

· My name is Jairo, I'm the artist behind heavenly-roads - I'm a self taught artist from Spain who loves create different things from varied styles. I consider myself a perfectionist artist; I always see things that can be improved and I'm always experimenting with new and old artistic tools. I also love animals and outer space. I like to spend my time helping, meeting and learning from people on the websites where I have accounts.

· All started when I joined on deviantART, the largest online art community. Since then I learned a lot about art and I have greatly improved my artworks. Also I'm continuously meeting awesome people and friends there. Yeah, It literally changed my life!


· There are many categories of art in all my galleries. The most outstanding are 3D Art, Space Art, Fractal, Photography and Manipulations. But also I make some more: literature, videogames, traditional, character design, animations... and yeah, this web!

· I do not consider myself professional in any of my art styles, there are still so much improvement to see. It's very funny and also difficult learn to make a new "decent" category and style.


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